My First Trimester Must Haves

This post is a bit overdue (since I am now 18 weeks) but with moving and everything I didn’t get a chance to sit down and write this up! 

Here were my must haves for my first trimester:

  1. What To Expect While You’re Expecting: The classic, tried and true pregnancy bible. I have been reading week by week and have loved reading what to expect (LOL) each week. It was my first purchase when I found out I was pregnant. ACS_0024
  2. Hello Baby Podcast: Angela and Matt Lanter started this podcast when they got pregnant with their first baby. They go over each week of Angela’s pregnancy and I love listening to each corresponding week that I am going through.
  3. Half Caffeinated Coffee: I am a coffee lover. I was a 3 cup a day kind of girl and honestly cutting down on my caffeine intake was really hard. Not only was I exhausted from being pregnant, but now I also couldn’t drink coffee like I used to! But half cafe was a great way to transition and I think I have reached a point where I don’t NEED coffee anymore. Half cafe helps me get a little boost still but keeps my caffeine intake low!
  4. Fit Pregnancy Guide: Brianna Traynor is a YouTuber and fitness trainer that I have been following for years. Last year she had her first baby! She created a fitness guide to follow throughout your pregnancy and I have been loving it. I have always been a pretty active person and I have always wanted to keep that up through my pregnancy. Her guide really helps!
  6. Oatmeal: This has been one of my favorite breakfasts since becoming pregnant! It is full of fiber which is important while you’re pregnant, trust me. I like to add a banana, fresh berries and peanut butter to mine! image1
  7. Pregnancy Apps: What To Expect and Ovia are my two favorites! I love that in the Ovia app you can change the theme and you can see what size you baby is as a weird but cute animal!

While these are things that helped me through my first trimester- I am still utilizing all of them currently in my second!

I have linked the products to help make things easier for you! 

xoxo- Susan


My First Trimester

My first trimester was surprisingly and THANKFULLY.. okay! I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t get morning sickness (#BLESSED.)  I can’t thank my Mother enough for her genetics. She had three kids and didn’t have morning sickness with any of us!


My biggest and most frustrating symptom has been exhaustion. Any time that I sat still for too long I would start snoozing away. I have never been much of a napper- but since I got pregnant, naps have become a regular things for me. But I am slowly feeling more energized. I can even stay up passed 9pm!

One symptom that just came on for me, is food aversions. Growing up, I was never a fan of eggs but ever since college I started to eat them and enjoy them again. I would eat eggs a few times a week and they were GREAT. The other morning, I decided to scramble up some eggs.. only to be completely repulsed the second I put that first forkful into my mouth. It was such a strange feeling because it happened so suddenly. From now on, I will be steering clear.

All in all, I can happily say- I made it out of my first trimester! I am excited for the months to come and am interested to feel and see the changes in my body.


What I miss: 

  • Fully caffeinated coffee! Since I found out I was pregnant I decided to switch over to half cafe.. which if you know me and my love for coffee was a big struggle.
  • Being able to eat everything and not have to think too much about it. I am constantly googling, “can pregnant women have…” It’s annoying- but as a first time mama, I want to (try to) do everything right(ish)!

What I am most excited for:

  • My bump beginning to show more! 
  • Finding out the gender.
  • And being with Justin throughout the rest of this baby adventure! 


Keep an eye out for my current pregnancy favorites!

XOXO- Susan